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Transylvania, October 1384

Screams rose in the night as fire burned raging on the small town. Horses neighed as people ran through the town which burned, making the black night glow ignis fatuus, bursting the small village. Villagers ran from there ignited homes, screaming as billows of smoke fly into the night, as embers of sparkling fireflies crackled in the night. Timbers of wood crash on the ground, as town's people ran clutching their few belongings, those that managed to survive the riot. Mothers run carrying children in their arms, weeping as they are rocked hurriedly, instead of being rocked gently as their mothers and fathers croon them to sleep, they run as their mothers flee and their fathers fight and flee… from the monsters.

Horses neigh as riders howl in there drunken revelry howling in greedy merriment as they throw flaming lanterns in homes. People flee tripping to the brick floor, while others run and fight; a man who hid in a nearby ally way waits for his chance and runs down the street with the survivors. A rider turns and sees him run, with a howl he pushes his horse and gallops toward the townsman. The man runs cowering, as the horse is right next to him, the man looks up and was about to scream before the rider smashes his sword threw the man's head. Blood and brain matter spurts from the man and he collapse to the floor. The rider lifts his sword and wipes it away removing, hair, blood, and brain membrane, turning his horse the watches his handy work carry through the night: the fire, the screams…the destruction. The rider gallops his horse striding down; tramping on destroyed fruit, children toys…dead bodies as other of his collaborator follows, some carrying what they pillage, food, rum, jewels, and…a woman.

"What do we have here." the man speaks over the roar of fire. The other henchmen, laughs as he pulled on the woman's hair, she screams covered in cuts as she pleads with the others.

"Got a street wench, boss." The man said, as twenty five other henchmen some on horses clamber forward laughing, as they drink there whisky. The rider throws his other leg over and drops to the paved floor and walks to the woman who moves back in fear but the other man pulls her but she pleads again when the rider slaps her hard in face.

"Shut up wench!" the rider laughs as the woman falls hard on the floor he knelt down beside her and picked her up harshly by the hair. "How much can I get for this one?" he asks his breath reeks of rum, and tobacco. The men laugh together.

"She's worth fifteen!" Someone yells.

"Or less, maybe nothing!" another man calls out. The rider laughs.

"I have better idea." The riders said evilly, grabbing her hair as she screams:

"No don't! Pl-please!"

"Don't worry you won't be hurt muchnot after I'm done with you that is." The rider snarls picking up the girl, the men laughs, as the rider was about to climb on his horse when…

The fire that burned over the houses went out like a candle. Everyone froze looking around at the sudden silence that enters the village.

"What the hell?" someone curses. The henchmen look around; the rider takes a step as the woman cowers with fear. A low quiet breeze move through the town, cold and silent; the robbers walk around quietly as the night became pitch black as limited light of the moon is shown from the cloudy sky. The rider walks forward again when a flutter of movement passes over their heads the men gasps.

"Whose there!?"

In that moment a flutter emerged from the darkness, as a swarm of bats flutter over them. The men jump in surprise as the girl screams, until the bats fly away into the night going up to the sky. A dark cloud passed over revealing a large sliver full moon, which illuminated the town that was still dark. The rider curses and motions to one of his guards.

"Go and see what's out there!" he commanded. The henchmen nodded taking a kerosene lantern and runs in to the night where a large forest meets the town. The men wait as minutes past, then another but the man never appeared.

"What's taking so long?" The rider said, when


Everyone jump back in surprise, for something fell right above them. The rider walked forward to the object: it was the lantern, broken, something dark smeared on the glass, as another henchman picks it up and drops it in alarm.

"I-its." The guard gasps. "Its b-blood." The other henchmen look around frightened; in that moment they pull out muskets and blades as they huddle together some who were on horses clamber off and move together. Cold night air fills the village as beads of sweat perspire from the men, and rider.

"Boss look—"someone cried, the rider looked down. A large film of misty white fog billows on the ground. It moves silently, fluidly toward the men. Horses neigh with fright pulling on their ropes but the rider grips tightly on the horse, as a man curses taking a step forward.

A resonant cackle rang through the destroyed village. Someone turned and fired the rifle making the captive woman scream in fright.

"Spread out!" The Rider commands, the men follow unwillingly and walk down the streets, their footsteps echo in the eerie silence. One man walks into an ally way looking around, a small laugh makes him look up only to be grabbed and lifted away.

"Huuuuuuuggggghh—ack!" some of the henchmen turn to the sound and run to the alleyway to find the man sprawled out on the ground looking up in horror, they cry out and ran back to the others.

"Another ones dead!" they announced frightened. The rider turns around.

"This is the work of demons!" he muttered.

"Demons!" a voice calls, the people jump and the woman shrikes out in terror as fire explodes from all around them, the torched homes that they so gallantly destroyed flared back to life illuminating everything… Including what was in front of them.

Three people stood by the borderline of the forest and the town. Two men one black, the other pale white and a female who was also black. All dressed in formal Victorian black Goth ware, gazed at the men casually. The pale white and the black woman stood causal except the black man who stood in the middle watching the men quietly.

"That's harsh."

If you're interested on finding out what happened please click on this link… and if you have the time please don't hesitate on visiting my profile…. I am always in need of new visitors and leaving a review on my stories before I take them down for the ending of summer. Thank you!

Bibimbap Recipe

Servings: 20
Chicken and Sauce:
2 cups Flour
Salt and pepper
1/4 cup Sesame Oil
1 cup Soy Sauce
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar (firmly packed)
Gochujang to taste (or any concentrated chili paste that can give the sauce a little kick, even Sriracha would be fine)
10 chicken thighs (boneless preferred so its easier to cut)
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Pepper
Variety of Chopped and Prepped Veggies (e.i. broccoli, mung beans, snap peas, carrots, onions, spinach, etc.)
Sesame Seeds
Mix together flour, salt and pepper in medium sized bowl. I like to do this before prepping any of the raw chicken so that I can taste the flour, in little pinches, and adjust its seasoning without any cross contamination. Then set that aside.
Prepare sauce in a small bowl using sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, and Gochujang. The mixture should be a little viscous, shiny, and grainy; not watery or super oily. Taste, adjust, and set aside.
Wash chicken and remove skin if desired. Season with salt and pepper, then coat in flour mix.
In a semi-deep skillet heat about 1/2" inch of oil and cook chicken thighs on each side until mostly cooked but still juicy and also with enough time for the thighs to develop a nice crust on the outside.
Once all of the chicken has been cooked, and slightly cooled, slice the meat into strips and place in clean, hot skillet. Pour sauce over meat using a wooden spoon to coat everything. Allow to cook until sauce is bubbly and well penetrated. Serve in bowls with prepared rice and veggies. Sprinkle sesame seeds over chicken and enjoy!

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